“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”

Jack Welch


Enterprise Leadership

The most important Leadership principles can be found in the characterization of the Enterprise Leader. As a preamble for different types of leading an organization it belongs to my core sources of value. 

An Enterprise Leader achieves his individual performance objectives, contributes towards and draws from the performance of others. Likewise he encourages his team to do the same. As a result, he is an enterprise contributor himself and enables his team members to be enterprise contributors themselves.

Research shows that an Enterprise Leader effectively:

  • contributes to and use expertise from other leaders in order to drive organizational performance;

  • recognizes that his primary role on the team is to guide team performance, whilst leaving employees in control; and

  • expand the focus and impact of his teams’ performance to the broader organization.

The Enterprise Leader achieves better team outcomes and organizational outcomes than other leaders. Specifically, the Enterprise Leader is more likely to have teams that are more innovative, adaptable, collaborative, and more effective at resolving conflicts. Additionally, organizations with higher percentages of Enterprise Leaders have higher year-on-year profit and revenue growth.

Hence I am applying those Enterprise Leadership objectives for every engagement to ensure your success.

Current engagement:
  • Strategy & Change in the healthcare industry
  • Setup of a retail trade company
Current Projects:
Previous Engagements:
  • akquinet nx2 GmbH (General Manager)
  • Cegeka Solutions GmbH Germany (General Manager Germany)
  • Avanade GmbH Germany (VP Managed Services Central Europe)
  • Tata Consultancy GmbH Germany (Head of Outsourcing Central Europe)
  • IBM Germany (CSE Outsourcing)
  • Sun Microsystems Germany (Team Lead Business Development)
  • Digital Equipment Corp. (Business Development)

About me

Hamburg is home to me and my family already for a very long time. We have two teenage children and I’m from Swiss origin working in the ICT industry since 1984.

Having had the pleasure of experiencing different positions in this industry, I went through a lot of technological developments for more than 30 years up to my current management advisory. 

Within this timeframe I have seen a lot of technologies in the IT industry, some came and went, others remained until today. The last decade brought a lot of disruptive changes. My objective is to help you to handle those challenges in the most efficient way. 

Transformation requires refocussing on teams and workflows. Also, digitalization projects only work well with a thorough integration. Communication and change leadership – not only management – is key to that. This requires trust, which needs to be earned, and passion! 

My Enterprise Leadership principles are supporting this strategy quite well. Interim Management is a profession of my choice, because it offers a wide range of advantage for organizations and myself. The described benefits are helping you to achieve the desired results. 

Value oriented employer branding and the ability to make human values the core of your organization are be vital to attract new employees and keep the  existing colleagues happy.

I am helping customers across Germany in various industries, including ICT, Manufacturing, Automotive, Logistics and Transportation, Retail, Telecommunications, Public Services, Social Economy and Life Science.

Curriculum Vitae

Offerings and Benefits

  • Enterprise Leadership: Post Merger integration, Digital Transformation and Change
  • Strategies and implementation, analysis, planning, training, mentoring, coaching and outcome-based project management
  • Loyalty to your business objectives 
  • Flexibility to do what you need 
  • Focused on your profitability – I do not have an incentive to sell in additional services you may not need
  • Cost-effectiveness based on a reasonable ROI
  • Non-threatening to existing employees 
  • If required: Increasing compatibility fit and paving the way for a permanent role within your organization after the “Feels Right – Test Drive”


Availability – getting an Interim Manager can be much quicker than permanent recruiting. As an Interim Manager I am often expected to ‘hit the ground running’ becoming very effective within the business very quickly.

High Value – I am often very well qualified for the required role and bring a wealth of experience in a chosen discipline as a benefit.

Low Risk – every company inevitably has some politics at play. As an Interim Manager I stand aside from this and I am quite simply results driven. There are no onerous employment agreements and contracts or expensive severance packages involved which I am depending on.

Special Skills – I will often bring key skills that you might not (yet) possess or would take a long time to cultivate organizationally or recruit permanently.


ICT, Manufacturing, Automotive, Logistics and Transportation, Retail, Telecommunications, Public Services, Social Economy, Life Science.

Lighthouse Projects

Experience based on past projects

Over the last view years, I experienced some common themes which were part of my engagements. Those included the following objectives in some lighthouse projects:

  • Provide guidance and leadership skills in Digital Transformation and Change projects to serve as a lighthouse project for subsequent internal and external engagements
  • Create an Enterprise Leadership environment to enhance and enable sustainable strength within teams
  • Bridging the gap between the digital and analog world in communication, internally within teams but also externally towards customers to overcome obstructions created by digital disruption
  • Unify teams in post merger projects and ensure profitability
  • Restructuring of organization to improve financial sustainability
  • Build new sales structures, develop motivated sales teams, shape offerings and align delivery to address customer needs
  • Switch a product based organization into a service organization
  • Consistent implementation of a corporate strategy and objectives


I am engaged in some projects, nevertheless I am always open for new ideas and suggestions.

If you require any further information, please feel free to contact me at


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