About me

Hamburg is home to me and my family already for a very long time. We have two teenage children and I’m from Swiss origin working in the ICT industry since 1984.

Having had the pleasure of experiencing different positions in this industry, I went through a lot of technological developments for more than 30 years up to my current management advisory. 

Within this timeframe I have seen a lot of technologies in the IT industry, some came and went, others remained until today. The last decade brought a lot of disruptive changes. My objective is to help you to handle those challenges in the most efficient way. 

Transformation requires refocussing on teams and workflows. Also, digitalization projects only work well with a thorough integration. Communication and change leadership – not only management – is key to that. This requires trust, which needs to be earned, and passion! 

My Enterprise Leadership principles are supporting this strategy quite well. Interim Management is a profession of my choice, because it offers a wide range of advantage for organizations and myself. The described benefits are helping you to achieve the desired results. 

Value oriented employer branding and the ability to make human values the core of your organization are be vital to attract new employees and keep the  existing colleagues happy.

I am helping customers across Germany in various industries, including ICT, Manufacturing, Automotive, Logistics and Transportation, Retail, Telecommunications, Public Services, Social Economy and Life Science.

Curriculum Vitae