Offerings and Benefits

  • Enterprise Leadership: Post Merger integration, Digital Transformation and Change
  • Strategies and implementation, analysis, planning, training, mentoring, coaching and outcome-based project management
  • Loyalty to your business objectives 
  • Flexibility to do what you need 
  • Focused on your profitability – I do not have an incentive to sell in additional services you may not need
  • Cost-effectiveness based on a reasonable ROI
  • Non-threatening to existing employees 
  • If required: Increasing compatibility fit and paving the way for a permanent role within your organization after the “Feels Right – Test Drive”


Availability – getting an Interim Manager can be much quicker than permanent recruiting. As an Interim Manager I am often expected to ‘hit the ground running’ becoming very effective within the business very quickly.

High Value – I am often very well qualified for the required role and bring a wealth of experience in a chosen discipline as a benefit.

Low Risk – every company inevitably has some politics at play. As an Interim Manager I stand aside from this and I am quite simply results driven. There are no onerous employment agreements and contracts or expensive severance packages involved which I am depending on.

Special Skills – I will often bring key skills that you might not (yet) possess or would take a long time to cultivate organizationally or recruit permanently.


ICT, Manufacturing, Automotive, Logistics and Transportation, Retail, Telecommunications, Public Services, Social Economy, Life Science.