Enterprise Leadership

The most important Leadership principles can be found in the characterization of the Enterprise Leader. As a preamble for different types of leading an organization it belongs to my core sources of value. 

An Enterprise Leader achieves his individual performance objectives, contributes towards and draws from the performance of others. Likewise he encourages his team to do the same. As a result, he is an enterprise contributor himself and enables his team members to be enterprise contributors themselves.

Research shows that an Enterprise Leader effectively:

  • contributes to and use expertise from other leaders in order to drive organizational performance;

  • recognizes that his primary role on the team is to guide team performance, whilst leaving employees in control; and

  • expand the focus and impact of his teams’ performance to the broader organization.

The Enterprise Leader achieves better team outcomes and organizational outcomes than other leaders. Specifically, the Enterprise Leader is more likely to have teams that are more innovative, adaptable, collaborative, and more effective at resolving conflicts. Additionally, organizations with higher percentages of Enterprise Leaders have higher year-on-year profit and revenue growth.

Hence I am applying those Enterprise Leadership objectives for every engagement to ensure your success.

Current engagement:
  • Strategy & Change in the healthcare industry
  • Setup of a retail trade company
Current Projects:
Previous Engagements:
  • akquinet nx2 GmbH (General Manager)
  • Cegeka Solutions GmbH Germany (General Manager Germany)
  • Avanade GmbH Germany (VP Managed Services Central Europe)
  • Tata Consultancy GmbH Germany (Head of Outsourcing Central Europe)
  • IBM Germany (CSE Outsourcing)
  • Sun Microsystems Germany (Team Lead Business Development)
  • Digital Equipment Corp. (Business Development)